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Calibration MediaFace 4

MediaFace 4


Here's some help on calibration:
When you first start off using MediaFace 4, try to print a label sheet to a blank piece of paper and see how it lines up to the label stock (hold the piece of paper over a label sheet and hold it up to the light to see how it lines up).

Instructions on how to UPGRADE your disclabel NEATO EDITION

Instructions on how to UPGRADE your disclabel NEATO EDITION

If you purchased "disclabel NEATO Edition" in a retail box:

If you purchased "disclabel NEATO Edition" as a download:

Use of label applicators


Printers settings

Printer Settings for NEATO's Photo Quality Labels and Inserts

The following list has been compiled from many sources including our own extensive testing.
Conditions can change without notice.
If you have conducted testing on other printers and can contribute to the completeness of the list, please send us a message [email protected], so we can update this list.

Tips for the use of MediaFace II

Tips for the use of MediaFace II

Note: Our tips (PC only) apply to MediaFACE II only. If you are using a prior version of MediaFACE, we recommend a software upgrade.

Attention: previous MediaFace versions are not Windows 2000/XP compatible.

MediaFace II - Template for Core & Spine Labels

MediaFace II - Template for Core & Spine Labels

Save these files into the MediaFACE II template directory. For example, if you installed MediaFACE 2.4.2 on your C: drive, then the path would be:

C:\Program Files\MediaFACE II\Template

Note: You must have MediaFACE II Version 2.4 or higher installed.

Suggestions for the use of CD/DVD Neato labels

Suggestions for the use of CD/DVD Neato labels.

For the corrected maintenance of the labels, we advise our customers to:

  • Keep the labels away from sources of heat, light and humidity as light will opacify the printable surface, while the too high or humid temperatures will damage the adhesive;
  • Keep the packages always closed, as if left open the labels will be ruined and will not adhere correctly;
  • Not to keep your labels stored for months, the labels have special adhesives that with time loose effectiveness, could dry out or even damage the discs if the correct storage instructions are not followed (closed box/package, temperature not higher than 22°C, in absence of humidity);
  • Do not directly touch the adhesive surface, as eventual residual of sweat and/or dirt on the fingers could compromise the adhesive phase of the label to the media.

When you label CDs/DVDs (even Mini CDs/DVDs or Business Cards):

  • Always and only use the Neato applicator. This because our labels have been created for their use with our applicator. The eventual use of other applicators could cause a wrong centering of the label to the media, causing a wrong balance and not allowing the reading;
  • Please pay close attention when detaching the labels from their sheet, so that they are not curled nor torn; carefully follow our instructions on the use of the Neato Applicator. Also, carefully check the media side you'll apply our labels to. Check that the labeled side is the correct one and not the recordable one (i.e. the color of the data/recordable side in DVDs is usually purple, while in CDs is green/blue - these sides can never be labeled);
  • We advice not to apply our labels on media (DVDs, MINI CDs, etc.) whose surface is not perfectly smooth (it means without serigraphy or printable), in fact, a media that has been pre-serigraphed from manufacturer (i.e. pre-printed media or those whose surface has the logo of the media company) can cause a loss of balance if the surface is not perfectly smooth. The printable media, instead, should not be labeled as the weight of the media has been previously and precisely studied for the single printable layer and the eventual application of a label would cause excessive weight and the media would not be correctly read from the laser;
  • Always choose media (CDs/DVDs, Mini CDs, etc) of reliable brands, as the quality between media can be the difference in the final product.

Our competitors will try to make you believe you have to purchase expensive vinyl labels to use on your DVD media. After experiencing playback errors using these special "DVD labels" on brand name DVD media (in one case, the special DVD Labels and media were manufactured by the same company), we decided to investigate further. Neato performed extensive testing with our EconoMatte, LaserGloss, PhotoMatte and High Gloss labels on DVD-R and DVD+R media - from a variety of major manufacturers and under a variety of environmental conditions - even comparing the playback results to those from unlabeled media and media labeled with "DVD Labels" from our comptetitors. We played the DVDs back in laptops, internal and external PC drives and on traditional DVD players. The results of our testing show categorically and without any doubt that under normal conditions, when the labels are applied correctly, there is no evidence to support the need for special labels for DVDs.
Our final suggestion is: Do not label your DVD media until after the media has been burned.

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